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INT Releases J/GeoToolkit 3.2

HOUSTON, Texas (January 17, 2012) – Interactive Network Technologies (INT™), a leading developer of high performance graphics components and libraries, announced today the general availability of J/GeoToolkit 3.2. J/GeoToolkit allows software developers to rapidly deploy sophisticated data visualization and analysis technology in their E&P applications while taking advantage of the ease-of-use and portability of the Java platform across Microsoft® Windows, Unix, and Linux platforms.

Developed for data visualization in upstream Oil and Gas, J/GeoToolkit is a package of Java libraries with support for high-end charting and specialized Seismic, WellLog, Contour, and WellSchematic displays.  J/GeoToolkit also provides cutting edge features such as sophisticated vector object handling, powerful web support, and integrated hardcopy with print preview (including PDF and CGM output.)  J/GeoToolkit components promote code reusability and consistency across applications, allowing developers to focus on their core technologies rather than spend time writing data displays.

Highlights for this new release include:

  • Improved user-interface and dialogues for printing
  • Chart libraries include a new editor and support multiple axes on charts
  • New chart types including Rose Diagrams, Rose Histograms, and Polar Line charts
  • Seismic libraries now include support for CSEGY format data
  • Improved seismic rendering with more sophisticated color palettes and anti-aliasing options
  • WellLog libraries now include support for DLIS data format
  • Improved handling for LAS3 data types
  • Dynamically switch between horizontal and vertical log track layouts
  • Contour libraries offer improved labeling strategies with new options and better collision
  • WellSchematic libraries offer more efficient data handling and display for deviated wells

For more information about J/GeoToolkit, or to request an evaluation, visit our website at

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INT is a leading supplier of graphics software components for data visualization in Upstream E&P and other technical industries. Our products include open and expandable visualization software, visualization software development components, and software development services. INT solutions support Java, C++, and .NET environments. For more information about INT, visit or e-mail

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