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2D Graphics Development

Carnac is a powerful set of libraries to facilitate the development of sophisticated 2D graphical applications. Carnac greatly simplifies the task of building interactive data displays by providing an infrastructure that handles the complexity of graphics programming, including hardcopy output, object selection and editing, performance optimization, and layout of complex plots.

  • Includes Chart Library for stunning charts with minimum effort
  • Extensive libraries of primitive shapes
  • Different shape attributes can be set per target device
  • Variety of scene implementations to handle differing data cases such as caching or generating shapes on-the-fly
  • Support for view layering, filtering, and buffering, including embedded views
  • Extensive support for selecting, scaling, reshaping, and rotation
  • Thread safe-can implement rendering as a separate thread
  • Support for binary and ASCII serialization of scenes and palettes
  • Hardcopy Postscript support
Carnac visualization Cross-plot

Carnac is available in C++, Java, or C#, to support your preferred programming language:


Contour Libraries

Contour, an optional add-on to Carnac or GeoToolkit, provides methods to extract and display contour levels out of a grid whose node values correspond to a surface. Contour features full support for faults and discontinuous surfaces, and is well tailored to display data such as elevation or weather maps, and mapping applications in the geosciences.

The Contour libraries are available in C++, Java, or C#:



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"The rich set of development tools offered by INT manages much of the complex task of visualization and allows the software developers to focus on improved algorithms and methodologies."

Neil Buckley