Java 3D Graphics Framework for Sophisticated Visualization

J/View3DPro is a graphics framework that extends the capabilities of Java 3D and simplifies the task of creating sophisticated 3D data visualizations. Minimal 3D programming experience is needed for rapid development of 3D graphical applications. J/View3DPro allows all developers to be productive in a 3D environment, requiring no previous DirectX/Open GL programming experience.

J/View3DPro Product Highlights:

  • Simplifies the task of creating and using 3D shapes
  • Ability to add grids and axes to 3D views
  • Full object picking and selection
  • Editors for color, transparency, fill (wireframe or solid), axes and lights
  • Object color using single color ramp, color map, and individual color/vertex
  • Object geometry editing
  • Support for axis annotation
  • Hardcopy output
  • Stereo display support

 3D visualization of faulted surface   3D well resirvoir data


Unique Advantages
The J/View3DPro API hides complex details of building scene graphs in Java 3D. The API centers on creating 3D shapes and their attributes, then viewing and manipulating those shapes and attributes. Features of Java 3D scene graphs are not lost. J/View3DPro manages them, allowing developers to stay focused on their data.

J/View3DPro allows developers to create, manipulate, annotate, and edit sets of 3D objects. The architecture consists of three basic components: a view, a data model, and a set of control objects that interact with the view and data models.

The view handles the entire Java 3D interface and creates the canvas for rendering to the screen. Because J/View3DPro builds and updates a Java 3D scene graph, the user can enjoy the benefits of scene graph technology.

The data model allows users to create J/View3DPro shapes, including points, lines, polygons, volumes, text, markers, quad meshes, triangle meshes, and supplementary objects such as lights and axes. Shapes can have individual or shared graphical attributes that include color, texture, lighting, and fill type. Collections of shapes can be placed in containers with a shared transformation matrix.

Control objects enable the manipulation of the view and data models, including rotation, translation, zooming, picking, selection, and interactive editing.

J/View3DPro is available on all platforms that support J2SE 5 and Java 3D 1.5.