The INTStereonet plug-in provides an essential tool for analyzing plane (faults, horizons, foliations, etc.) and line (stream lines, etc.) orientation. It projects each oriented element into a planar image of a sphere, which allows for easier grouping of elements by family.


The plug-in is interacting with Petrel native data objects (such as PointSet, Grid and Surface). Import data with optional sampling can directly be done through an interaction with the Petrel data tree. Data are displayed on a stereonet, which facilitate the analyses of trends and orientations… Visualization can be improved using circular and regular histograms, family creation to sort and group objects, data edition and a clear and customizable treeview legend.




Features include:

  • Easy interaction with Petrel data tree (import data with optional sampling)
  • circular statistics generation, including circular and regular histograms;
  • families creation to help you sort and group your objects;
  • data edition;
  • data visualization;
  • images generation and easy interaction with clipboard;
  • a clear customizable legend;
  • save / load of the Stereonet

INTStereonet tutorial video