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Map Visualization and query Components

CarnacGIS provides a comprehensive suite of components for visualizing and querying geospatial data, enabling software developers to integrate interactive map views into their own applications. Incorporating a rich graphics environment for building stand-alone or web-enabled clients for spatial data analysis, CanacGIS components interface easily with existing systems to provide enhanced services while preserving investments in data and infrastructure.

  • Intelligent view cache strategies for rapid map navigation
  • Fast, on-the-fly coordinate reference system transformations
  • Integrate data from disparate sources into one view
  • Data connection system for adding custom data
  • Query system adaptable to any data type
  • Real-time animation and tracking support
  • Support for OpenGIS specifications
  • Globalization and localization support
  • Scaled hardcopy with print preview
Flexible data classifacation

CarnacGIS is available in Java or C# to support your preferred programming language: