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A seismic visualization and development platform for analysis and QC workflows

INTViewer is an innovative data visualization application designed for exploration geoscientists. INT software developers focused on the most requested visualization tasks, streamlining the application interface to present the most useful features in an intuitive and logical manner. INTViewer is powerful, yet easy to learn and affordable: much less than what many other seismic visualization software products cost.

An Ideal Solution for Data Analysis and Quality Control

You can take INTViewer everywhere you and your team go. INTViewer runs on virtually any Windows, Mac, Linux, or Unix operating system, and on hardware ranging from moderate laptops to high-end workstations. So, whether you are at the airport, your desk, visualization team room or conference room, INTViewer can be there too.

INTViewer Product Highlights:

  • Simple-to-Use Interface with Sophisticated Controls requires minimal training
  • Common tasks are at your fingertips with a focus on the most useful features
  • Display multiple data sets and file types on the same screen at the same time
  • Navigate through 2D, 3D, and Time-Lapse Data easily and quickly
  • Visualize heterogeneous data in a map view. The map window is fully GIS aware and supports on-the-fly transformation
  • Load and rapidly QC large seismic data sets without reformatting - no limit to their size
  • Easily visualize complex data and attributes to discover patterns or trends
  • Share your analysis workflow results - great for presentations and prospect reviews
  • Enhance the viewer via an extensible plug-in framework for adding custom utilities, data formats,        and proprietary R&D


INTViewer 3D seismic visaulizition complex geophysical data INTViewer seismic visaulization geophysical data


Simple-to-Use Interface with Sophisticated Controls
Synchronized panning and zooming between windows aids rapid identification of trends and attribute relationships. You can effortlessly drag-and-drop data and events between 2D, 3D and map data views. INTViewer also provides a rich array of interactive crossplots, histograms, power spectrum, FK display and signal-to-noise analyses.

Document and Present your Analyses
Easily view and link pre-stack data to seismic volumes and interpretation. Layer different data formats, file types, and data sources with full control of layer ordering and transparency, then compare data sets using Peel and Reveal functionality or a movie mode. You can track the cursor location when navigating through the data, from window-to-window or layer-to-layer.


INTViewer visaulization of seismic data INTViewer visaulization cross section of seismic data


Visualize 2D, 3D, Gathers and Time-Lapse Data
Rapidly navigate 2D lines, 3D volumes, gathers and attributes to discuss what-if scenarios. Synchronize display of gathers and stacked volumes for QC purposes. The flexibility of INTViewer is nearly infinite.

View and Analyze Log Data
Well deviations and log curves can be visualized in Cross-section, 3D and Map views. A dedicated WellLog track display is available for advanced display of logs. Log data can also be analyzed using the standard cross-plot, histogram and table views in INTViewer.




Combine heterogeneous data in a powerful Map View
With the INTViewer Map View, integrate time slices, horizons, line locations, wells, culture data and more into a single quality display. The map view is fully GIS aware and supports more than 4000 projections. You can also enrich your maps using Bing Maps™ Plug-in to add street maps and satellite images to your display.


INTViewer of seimic data INTViewer analysis of seismic data
Data Courtesy of Geophysical Pursuit, Inc.     Data Courtesy of Geophysical Pursuit, Inc


Capture and Share Data Analysis Sessions
Stop wasting days re-tracing your analysis steps and taking screen captures. The INTViewer SessionShot™ feature shortens presentation preparation time by allowing you to capture a snapshot of your work session, complete with window layout and links to underlying data. You can restore the saved sessions at any time to rapidly review alternative data analyses for faster, fact-based decision making.

Enhance the INTViewer Platform via Plug-ins
INTViewer is built upon the open source Netbeans Rich Client Platform, which provides a standards-based environment for creating and managing plugin functionality. Plug-ins can be distributed and updated through a web-based update center. Examples of current plug-ins include spherical divergence correction, Butterworth filter, Signal-to-Noise analysis, Navigation QC, Binning HD, and Velocity Scanning.

  • Comprehensive API for access and control of menus, data, and custom displays
  • Easily integrate custom data processing algorithms
  • Utility to create wizard driven workflows
  • Leverage Netbeans wizards to add fully integrated menus and dialog
  • Define additional data formats


INTViewer cross section analysis of seismic data INTViewer crosssection of geophysical data


Supports Virtually Any ISV Platform, Data Format, File Type or OS
We designed INTViewer to facilitate your data visualization tasks anytime, anywhere. So, no matter how complex or large your data sets are, INTViewer allows you to open and view multiple windows of various data formats and file types (SEGY, Promax, SU, SEP, JavaSeis, SEGD). This all adds up to making data review, analysis, and team collaboration much easier.


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