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Enterprise E&P Viewers

Deploy Once, View Anywhere™

A web-enabled independent viewer to facilitate dynamic interaction with centralized data among a large and diversified community.

INT offers a set of web-enabled viewers for visualizing data commonly used in the E&P industry. Based on Java technology, these viewers provide a platform-independent solution that can be used in any networked or Internet environment. They offer a powerful and easy to implement capability for dynamic viewing and interaction with centralized data. It addresses the needs of a large and diversified user community.

  • Seamless access to data in a central location, by any authorized user.
  • Can be deployed to users as a thick client (applet or Java Webstart) for full interactivity or as a thin client that does not require a browser plug-in.
  • Software administration reduced to a minimum - the software only needs to be installed and maintained in one location. No license administration is necessary on client machines.
  • Cross-platform support - the application is written completely in Java and will run on any machine supporting the Java 2 platform.
  • Extensible and configurable solution - the viewers are based on INT's J/GeoToolkit and can be easily modified to meet any requirements.
  • Flexible data support via data adapter plug-ins that are used to access data objects, enabling the user to aggregate data from disparate sources.
  • Secure - Authentication and Security policies are determined by the container. Support for secure connection through HTTPS is supported.

The viewers will operate under all platforms that support JDK 6+ and any JSP 2.0/Servlet 2.4 or newer compliant application server. The viewers support all popular open source and commercial application servers including Apache Tomcat, Glass Fish, JBoss, BEA WebLogic, IBM Websphere, Oracle AS, and Sun Java System Application Server.