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Graphics Components for Geoscience Applications

GeoToolkit delivers high performance graphics components for Oil and Gas E&P applications being developed in C++/Qt, Java, or C#/.NET languages.

A bundled component suite consisting of Carnac, CGMOutput, and a combination of Seismic, WellLog, Contour, and WellSchematic components, GeoToolkit allows developers to take advantage of high-level tools to rapidly deploy sophisticated data visualization and analysis applications. Many of the industry’s major oil companies, service providers, and software vendors rely on GeoToolkit for their graphical geoscience solutions.


visualization of complex data visualizing multi-well data

GeoToolkit is available in C++, Java or C#, to support your preferred programming language



Reduce Development Time and Effort
GeoToolkit reduces development costs and delivery times because it provides many key functions such as common data displays and good hardcopy support with print preview. Applications built with GeoToolkit inherit these functions automatically, allowing developers to build sophisticated applications faster than ever.

High Performance
GeoToolkit’s enhanced architecture and low overhead translate into increased performance. Its layered viewing architecture coupled with efficient spatial indexing methods and algorithms for storing and caching data contribute to an optimized use of the graphics pipeline.

Extensible Architecture
GeoToolkit is highly extensible and data handling is interface-based, allowing application developers to plug in their own data formats. With unique support for dynamic interfaces, programmers do not need to create their own plot types. The set of graphics primitives can be extended easily beyond those already supported.

  • Targeted for E&P visualization requirements, allowing software engineers to focus core technologies
  • Includes a comprehensive selection of common data displays
  • Powerful data handling with support for standard formats such as SEGY, LAS, and SVG. Extensible API for adding custom formats
  • Fast display of large sections with unlimited zooming on a data set
  • Access to a large library of primitive shapes and attributes
  • Globalization and localization support
  • Scaled hardcopy with print preview, EPS, and CGM output








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