Why Choose INT

For over a decade INT has been leading the data visualization software business for O&G and other industries with a well-deserved reputation of quality, service, on-time delivery and reasonable pricing. Clients include major Oil & Gas operators, service companies and application vendors.

Our leadership position comes from our understanding of the industry and the technology we implement grounded on a broad skill base.

At INT we strive to bring you the best advance in technology by way of a robust commercial grade application. We make your challenges ours to solve. Our best reward is a satisfied customer.

While O&G in Houston is a natural market we reach also to other industry sectors such as:


INT's integrated graphics components are the ideal solution for environmental application development. Whether it be groundwater modeling or air dispersion modeling, INT can help deliver high quality solutions within budget and time constraints.

Geographic Information Systems 

INT components provide interoperability between systems, vendor brands, data sources, and computing platforms. They empower application developers to make complex spatial information and services accessible and useful within a variety of software solutions.


INT components can bring a competitive advantage to biotech R&D by drastically reducing the time required to develop the visual portion of modeling and analysis tools.