Customer Stories

Saddleback Geosolutions leverages INTViewer and its Java-based Plugin API to create proprietary tools and workflows: rapidly bringing to market new geoscience technologies while remaining focused on their core value proposition. Read More
Tsunami Development utilizes INTViewer and its Java-based Plug-in API to create tools for building and updating the velocity models used in its leading edge seismic migration and imaging solutions. Read More
Maersk Oil selects INT to develop Petrel plug-ins that help manage petrophysical modeling and seismic inversion, Read More
Roxar uses GeoToolkit C++ along with Qt to create next generation Well Correlation software for RMS.  Read More

Statoil uses INTViewer and its Java based Plugin API that helps create a Velocity Scanning Workflow to improve seismic imaging in complex structures.  Read More

Total selects INT J/GeoToolkit to help develop Sismage, a flagship application based on image analysis techniques that helps improve subsurface interpretation.  Read More

Cimarex utilizes INTViewer and its Java based Plugin API to create proprietary algorithms for implementing new exploration technologies in a quick and cost effective manner.  Read More

CGG chooses INT GeoToolkit to develop VectorVista™, a unique Workstation dedicated to Multi-Component Seismic data.  Read More

Rock Solid Images chooses INT Toolkits to build iMOSS, a state-of-the-art-physics and seismic modeling system.  Read More

Sercel chooses INT J/GeoToolkit to develop eSQCPro, the leading QC tool for seismic data acquisition.  Read More

Veritas selects INT Geotoolkit C++ software to develop EXPOSE, a desktop seismic visualization module for its Vega seismic processing system.  Read More

Earth Decision Sciences chooses INT GeoToolkit C++ software and professional services to develop its Gocad 2D geologic interpretation modules.  Read More

Geo-Logic Systems

Geo-Logic Systems (GLS) chooses INT's J/GeoToolkit™ to build its next-generation geological analysis application.  Read More

BHP contracts INT to develop a geological and geophysical viewer for data access and collaboration over networks.  Read More

OpenSpirit chooses INT to develop cross-section, well, and 3D viewers for its OpenSpirit framework. It was determined that OpenSpirit customers would greatly benefit from a set of fully integrated data viewers. Read More

Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS), an oilfield service company, found that its customers needed the ability to access geographical data across the Internet and chooses INT's J/Carnac™ as the base tool for all graphical elements.  Read More

Conoco, Inc., involved in every aspect of the oil and gas industry for over 124 years, approaches INT to help overhaul and update the front-end architecture of a very large and complex legacy application.  Read More

Sercel, a leading player in the seismic acquisition industry for over forty years, chooses INT’s Carnac as the foundation graphics library for the front-end of its seismic data process control application.  Read More