Roxar uses GeoToolkit C++ along with Qt to create next generation Well Correlation software for RMS

The Challenge
RMSwellstrat is a correlation and geological interpretation tool integrated into the E&P industry’s leading 3D reservoir modeling solution, Irap RMS. It allows interpreters to handle complex geology and realistic well geometries in a truly 3D environment, dramatically shortening geological interpretation workflows. Roxar wanted to develop a new version of this software that could handle large volume of wells, typically hundreds or more, while maintaining very good graphical performance and full interactivity. At the same time, Roxar wanted to improve usability and modernize the User Interface. 

The INT Solution
The development environment for Irap IRMS is C++, OpenInventor and Qt. Since the previous correlation view was not built with Qt, Roxar decided to rewrite this part of the application. To help speedup the development, Roxar chose to use INT GeoToolkit C++ library. The WellLog component of GeoToolkit was easy to use and flexible enough to support all the log visualization and interaction requirements. Performance turned to be a bit of a challenge for the big datasets, but after some joint collaboration between the two companies, INT was able to optimize the library to meet the display speed requirements. Roxar has also been very pleased with the high-quality support for hardcopy and print preview capability. Using the WellLog library, developers at Roxar significantly reduced the total development time and were able to put more focus on new functionality and ease of use.

The Results
Roxar has now released the new version of its correlation software into Irap RMS 2010. This version has been well received by customers.  They like the new functionality, the quality of the display and the advanced hardcopy support. At the same time, Roxar has been using GeoToolkit C++ in other projects, including a data analysis module, where it is using the new Chart library functionality. Roxar is now collaborating closely with INT to develop additional modules. 


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