Saddleback Geosolutions leverages INTViewer and its Java-based Plugin API to create proprietary tools and workflows: rapidly bringing to market new geoscience technologies while remaining focused on their core value proposition.  

The Challenge

Saddleback wanted to provide geoscientists with a multi-platform based solution for solving difficult exploration and exploitation problems that could be characterized by modeling, petrophysical analyses, rock-physics and seismic studies. Thus, Saddleback needed to provide best-in-class algorithms along with new ways to integrate R&D tools, processing flows, and automation while retaining the ability for customers to customize Saddleback’s tools and workflows for their diverse needs.

Saddleback knew that their unique advantage lies in the originality of their science and the quality of their results. Therefore, they did not want to spend unnecessary effort and capital re-inventing what others had done before, and searched for a fully supported, industry-accepted data visualization platform that allows rapid deployment of new ideas and workflows.

The INT Solution
Saddleback chose INTViewer, an innovative visualization platform for data analysis and QC. Designed for exploration geoscientists, INTViewer is powerful, yet easy to learn, and allows users to easily visualize complex data and attributes to discover patterns or trends. INTViewer presents users with sophisticated controls in an intuitive and logical manner that requires minimal user training.

Built on the Oracle® Netbeans Java Rich-client-platform (RCP,) INTViewer also provides a standards-based plug-in framework for adding custom utilities and proprietary R&D via a comprehensive API for access and control of menus, data, and custom displays. This was a perfect solution for Saddleback as their custom data processing algorithms, workflows, and data formats could be easily implemented as plug-ins.

The Results
Saddleback utilized the INTViewer platform to develop and deploy its Attribute::Workbench: a host of new seismically derived attributes, meta-attributes that correspond to the morphology and ontology of the basic forms of the attributes, spectral decomposition tools, seismic inversion, and other tools that are used to examine the tie between rock physics and attributes through synthetic seismograms (allowing better reservoir property,) and through geostatistics (allowing for better validation at well locations.)

Saddleback successfully deployed their new Attribute:: Workbench in a fraction of the time it would have taken to create a new system from scratch because they were able to take advantage of the application infrastructure provided by INTViewer and focus their resources on the development of advanced algorithms and tools.


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About Saddleback

Saddleback Geosolutions offers a full range of geophysical services and consulting from quantitative analysis to application development and technology management. SBGS employs, and has joint-ventures with, industry leaders in volume rendering and visualization, analytics, and all aspects of rock physics, seismic-petrophysics, seismic interpretation and hydraulic fracture monitoring.