Tsunami Development utilizes INTViewer and its Java-based Plug-in API to create tools for building and updating the velocity models used in its leading edge seismic migration and imaging solutions. 

The Challenge

Tsunami Development is known for the quality of their pre-stack imaging software, but even the best migration solutions are dependent upon good velocity models. This includes velocity models in time and depth as well as the additional modeling needed for anisotropic migrations. Working with customers, Tsunami developed workflows that allow users to quickly and accurately build the models they need. However, these workflows required the use of multiple software packages and the associated problems of moving the data between them. Tsunami wanted to develop a single, easy-to-use solution for these tasks. An effective solution would require extensive visualization and data I/O capability in addition to being able to manipulate and interact with the models themselves. Creating and supporting all this functionality would require significant development resources that would detract from Tsunami’s primary focus on imaging.

The INT Solution
Tsunami was already familiar with INTViewer, having used it for many years as a tool to support their migrations. When testing for the optimal imaging parameters, INTViewer proved to be the fastest and easiest way to review analysis results: yielding better seismic imaging and helping to eliminate costly re-reruns. By taking advantage of INTViewer’s standards-based plug-in framework based upon the Oracle® Netbeans Java Rich-client-platform, Tsunami could leverage INTViewer’s functionality and concentrate on building model building plugins to support it’s migrations. Tsunami decided to concentrate on the geophysical details of model building, and let the INTViewer handle the rest.

The Results
With its latest software release, Tsunami shipped twenty INTViewer plug-ins and more are under development. Tsunami’s plug-ins allow clients to create, modify and QC their models in a single integrated tool. For time processing both velocity and eta models can be created. For depth processing, models for VTI and TTI migrations are supported in addition to velocity models. Additional models that will tie well data to depth migrations are also provided.


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About Tsunami

Tsunami Development, specializes in building seismic migration software and imaging tools designed to take advantage of low cost linux clusters. Tsunami Development delivers leading edge technology to oil companies and seismic processing customers on six continents.