Customer Support

The INT Support Team is eager to help you. Our goal is to respond to every request in a timely manner.  From here, you can report new support incidents or login to our database to browse the status of an existing support incident.

To report a new problem, send an email to

  • Be specific in how we can help you
  • Describe the steps you took to arrive at the problem
  • What was it you were trying to achieve when you ran into trouble?

We will reply with a ticket ID number and login information if this is the first time you have reported a problem.

To check the status of an existing incident, you can access the INT Support Database.
Be certain you have your login information and ticket number.

If you need assistance with login to the support database or have technical questions, send your requests to  For general information about our products and services, email us at or call  +1 713.975.7434